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Your History on tape!

No matter what type of tape, it's age or condition, we stop at nothing to create the best transfer possible. We transfer them at the highest quality possible and can fit 65 minutes of data on a single disc. Other companies use 2 hour disc recording times. We do not. The result is a superior transfer that works exceptionally well with today's large flat screen televisions.

We have successfully transferred tapes other companies failed to do. From fires, floods, tornado's, even tapes that were accidentally ran over by a truck! We incorporate methods other companies simply will not do and there is NEVER an extra charge for that effort. The picture here is of actual 8mm Video Tape that was in a fire. We successfully transferred it and it was awesome! These were one of only a few items that actually survived that fire!

All Video Tape Media Only:
$9.99 per Disc

(8mm Video Tape and MiniDV hold a maximum of 62 minutes per disc at the quality we produce.)

Relive It In Digital