There is nothing that brings  Family home more than Film! 

8/16mm Film is our specialty! We have transferred film as old as circa 1922! Surprisingly enough, black and white film is far more rare than color! Did you know that the earliest color film was used by your Family since the early 1930'S! We digitize your film, remove the dead spots of film, lighten and darken the under and overexposed film, do some awesome digital enhancement, put each reel in it's own chapter on the disc, transfer any magnetic or optical sound on the film, and if it is silent (most is) we put a music soundtrack in the background. We place a custom menu on the disc with a full Family Dedication! Age of film is no problem. The older the better!! 

8mm Film clips from the 1940's, 1950's, and 1960's

8/16mm Film Transfers are only $9.99 per 50ft reel/seg!

Fun fact: 16mm film can have up to 2000ft reels! Just under a half mile!


Relive It In Digital